About us
Welcome to the fun and friendly world of Cozy Travels & Holidays.

Cozy Travels was founded in 1983 by brothers Chandru and Rajesh Punjabi with a vision to provide unmatched personalized services and expert travel solutions thereby making travel more accessible to one and all. Cozy Travels has focused on promoting travel and tourism in India right since its inception - by providing unparalleled travel expertise to individuals, families and corporates.

Our Mission
To provide incomparable and exceptional service to all our clients and business partners alike.

To offer and execute highly customized travel services for any destination that fulfils the traveller’s leisure as well as business requirements.

To provide clients with valuable travel proficiency and advice based on almost 30 years of experience through a highly personalized relationship fabricated on a great degree of understanding and trust.

Why Cozy Travels?
What distinguishes Cozy Travels from others is the fact that our core values and principles aren’t based on hard-selling techniques, rather we entirely focus on exquisite customer service by providing phenomenal travel expertise and a pleasant experience to our customers. With almost 30 years of valuable experience, we’ve become major agents for corporates, niche packages and groups through our trusted network across the globe.

Below are just some of the reasons why Cozy Travels has become a preferred agent for many:
Highly experienced and trained professional staff Prompt and helpful travel advice
Over 25 years of wealth of knowledge and contacts Extremely efficient and effective travel operations
Significantly personalized services Corporate and leisure travel services all under one roof